Paerdegat Basin Bridge

projects   |   2012

Paerdegat Basin Bridge

The City of New York uses High Performance Steel, for the first time in history, in the first phase of a massive overhaul of the Belt Parkway.

Gateway Center

Custom-designed architecturally exposed structural steel creates a welcoming environment for Westchester Community College while expanding it's overburdened facilities.

Court Square Subway Station

A new glass pavilion shelters stairs and escalators to an under- ground passage and an elevated station, creating a day-lit connection between the transit hub and the surrounding neighborhood.

510 Madison

Some bold moves resulted in a minimal column-free interior for a new, high-end high rise located on Madison Avenue. Through a carefully conceived structural design, the designers were able to minimize the space lost to interior columns.

26 Broadway Educational Campus

The landmarked Standard Oil Building in Lower Manhattan gets a second life as a school thanks to its steel structure and an innovative adaptive reuse plan.