Prism Tower

projects   |   2017

Prism Tower

Leave it to Christian de Portzamparc to find the implicit poetry in a New York zoning envelope. A long process involving three developers and several program revisions over 14 years has become a success story on multiple levels, giving its neighborhood a strikingly complex geometry, a livable community, and a technically impressive façade.


Officially named the Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability at Sandy Ground, the steel-framed, precast panel-clad P.S. 62 is the first net-zero-energy school in New York City and one of the first of its kind worldwide.

Capital One

A carefully engineered installation at a Midtown banking center brings together cutting-edge design modeling software with the age-old art of steel fabrication.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

Cost/benefit calculations aside, Santiago Calatrava's beam-sculpture may be seen as one of New York's great public spaces, thanks to ingenious engineering.

Via 57 West

A fantastical yet functional residential building required several façade systems and thousands of unique components, even borrowing laser technology from the auto industry to achieve the hyperbolic paraboloid form of its southwest face.

New York City Police Academy

The largest public building in New York to achieve LEED Gold certification, a new campus prepares recruits for success with considerations for optimized training conditions, quickly evolving technology, and adaptation to future requirements for public safety.

10 Hudson Yards

The first of 16 new developments on Manhattan's west side, a striking high-rise features an expertly crafted curtain wall system held together by high-tensile cables.

7 Line Station at 34th Street / Hudson Yards

The structures and surfaces of the MTA's new Hudson Yards subway terminal make the most of steel’s strength, elegance, and durability. Designed around deep, challenging site conditions and built to accommodate the area’s dramatic expansion, the 7 line's westernmost station is the system's futuristic flagship.