Institute joins consortium funding testing for Innovative building core system

news   |   2020

Institute joins consortium funding testing for Innovative building core system

The Steel Institute of New York will join the MKA Foundation, AISC, and the Charles Pankow Foundation in funding the next step in testing the performance of SpeedCore, an innovative concrete-filled composite plate shear wall system. On the heels of the success of earlier fire tests which provided design guidance on how to eliminate fire … Continued

New Scenic Overlooks at Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

Six new belvederes, or scenic overlooks, that are part of the new Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge’s (formerly the Tappan Zee Bridge) shared bike and pedestrian path are bringing much-needed outdoor social space to the Lower Hudson Valley. These resting points reflect the culture and history of the area and provide a new connection for … Continued

Q&A With Peter Myers of Ironworkers Local 580: Jobsite Safety in the Covid-19 Era

As we mark nearly six months into the U.S. pandemic, Metals in Construction spent time talking with Peter Myers, Business Manager and Financial Secretary-Treasurer of Ironworkers Local 580, on how the union’s workers have navigated safety requirements, new protocols, and communication during this time. In the early stages of the virus, many Local 580 Ironworkers … Continued

NYC DOB Approves Revolutionary SpeedCore System

Since Seattle’s Rainier Tower began rising in late 2017, the construction industry has been talking about the cutting-edge project by Magnusson Klemencic Associates. Thanks to a new composite shear wall system developed by MKA, the 850-foot-tall tower rose in only 10 months—40 percent faster than a traditional concrete-cored tower. The Steel Institute of New York … Continued

Q&A with Buro Happold’s David Herd: How Universities are Adapting to Change

In late June, Metals in Construction sat down with David Herd, managing partner of Buro Happold’s California region, to discuss how the pandemic has impacted his work in high-performance building design and resilient master planning.  How are things changing in terms of planning from a campus perspective in the past few months? Whether you’re a university … Continued

LaGuardia’s New Arrivals and Departures Hall Opens

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo opened LaGuardia Airport’s Arrivals and Departures Hall to the public on June 13 after four years of construction led by Skanska as part of the LaGuardia Gateway Partners team assembled for the public-private partnership to build and operate the airport’s Central Terminal B facility. As LaGuardia Airport’s most active passenger hub, … Continued

Downtime, not dead time: jobsite resilience during the Covid-19 pause

Construction sites close down for emergencies—whether or not everyone involved is ready. The COVID-19 lockdown adds new forms of operational and legal uncertainty.  Yet a shutdown needn’t be a disaster: it’s time to plan, anticipate potential problems, and upgrade procedures. Written by Bill Millard The coronavirus pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works throughout … Continued

AISC Presents New Video on the Sustainability of Structural Steel

Steel’s Sustainability and Commitment to a Greener Industry On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, the American Institute of Steel Construction and the National Steel Bridge Alliance celebrated structural steel’s commitment to sustainability as the most environmentally friendly construction material. Check out their 2020 Earth Day video now!