Reading Structures: A Lecture by Guy Nordenso

Date:Monday, November 23, 2015, 6 p.m.
Location: The Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, 41 Cooper Square
Sponsored By: The Steel Institute of New York

Guy Nordenson is a practicing structural engineer, curator and writer, and is active in coastal adaptation research and design. His research project and book On the Water | Palisade Bay won the 2007 American Institute of Architects Latrobe Research Prize, and served as the inspiration for the 2010 Museum of Modern Art workshop and exhibition “Rising Currents.” His books include Seven Structural Engineers and Patterns and Structure. He has been the engineer for projects including the MoMA expansion in New York, the Kimbell Art Museum, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the Jubilee Church in Rome. In 2013 his team at Princeton was awarded a major grant by the Rockefeller Foundation to develop “Structures of Coastal Resilience” in collaboration with the US Army Corps of Engineers and teams from Harvard, City College of New York, and the University of Pennsylvania. He came to Princeton in 1995.