Book Release: Kinetic Architecture by Russell Fortmeyer and Charles D. Linn

In their new book, Kinetic Architecture: Designs for Active Envelopes (Images Publishing), authors Russell Fortmeyer and Charles D. Linn discuss the innovative ways in which building envelopes can be used to modulate energy in its primary forms.

In a recent review published in Architects’ Journal and on Amazon, architect and scholar Alan Dunlop praises the authors for their success in exploring, “in a comprehensive and rigorous manner how contemporary architects have reacted to escalating international concern over the use of natural resources and climate change by modulating their designs to consume less energy, perform better and respond to site context.”

A valuable resource for architects, engineers, and students, the accessible and entertaining resource is illustrated with exceptional photography and has been written to appeal to both professionals and those with a general interest in architecture and the environment.

From the Publisher: A shift in the architecture industry’s focus in the last 20 years toward ecological concerns, long-term value, and user comfort has coincided with significant new developments in digital controls, actuators, shading typologies, building physics simulation capability, and material performance. This collision has afforded architects an expanded set of opportunities to create architecture that can respond directly to environmental conditions, resulting in innovative facade designs that quickly become landmarks for their cities. Fortmeyer and Linn trace the historical development of active facades in modern architecture, and reveal how contemporary architects and consultants design and test these systems.ᅠ

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