Download the New York City Energy & Water Use Report


For the first time, in partnership with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress, the Urban Green Council has combined the New York City building benchmarking data with building auditing data that reveal the systems, fuel types and materials used in thousands of NYC buildings.

The buildings studied in this report make up 42% of New York City’s total floor area—roughly 2.3 billion square feet. That’s an area larger than Manhattan and Staten Island combined. Collected under Local Laws 84 and 87, these data show not only the amount of energy and water used by our buildings, but how they’re using it. It is only by knowing that information that we can uncover how to use less.

Some of the things you’ll learn in the report:

– Which heating and cooling systems are most widespread among New York’s benchmarked buildings? Do offices and residences use similar systems?
– Which type of benchmarked building makes best use of lighting controls? Which uses them least?
– Is there correlation between the amount of window glazing and how much energy is used?
– What are the top four ways NYC’s building data indicates we can cut energy and water use?
– What were the most widely recommended Energy Conservation Measures made by auditors as part of Local Law 87?

Download the report to join the conversation about how NYC’s buildings are making an impact on reaching the city’s 80×50 goal.