Grimshaw Sheds Light onto Design Inspired by Nature for Columbia Students

In front of a packed Wood Auditorium at Columbia’s GSAPP, Andrew Whalley explored themes of biomimicry, biophilia, and other natural phenomena within Grimshaw Architects’ vast body of work. The talk began with a surprise video appearance by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw (unable to travel due to a recent accident) who introduced his colleague and encouraged young architects-to-be in the audience to find inspiration in the world around them.

Following that introduction, Whalley explored a series of themes surrounding biomimicry, biophilia, ecosystems, and other natural phenomena through the work and research done within the Grimshaw studios. Nature has long been a source of inspiration for the architectural solutions which have brought acclaim to the practice, and his lecture underscored the close but not always obvious connections to nature within each project. The lecture provided documentation of Grimshaw’s nature-inspired projects, and a comprehensive representation of the unique presentation of the practice’s current work. After the talk, Whalley joined Columbia GSAPP Dean Amale Andraos, along with Lise Anne Couture, and Laurie Hawkinson to discuss these themes with the audience. Attendees including BuroHappold Engineering’s visionary leader Craig Schwitter. Click here to see photos from the talk, or watch it below.

The event was sponsored by the Steel Institute of New York.