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Each month, IMOA covers a different stainless steel issue with tips on design and specification, and links to technical resources. This month the organization highlights the advantages of second-skin façade weather screens:

Second-skin façade weather screens can help to significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption, a key objective of voluntary sustainable design systems and codes worldwide. Weather screens include traditional sunscreens and more complex systems that can shield fenestrations from buffeting winter wind.

A variety of technologies are being used including louvers, woven mesh, perforated screens and green (plant) screens. They may be controlled by a computer, actively changing with varying conditions, or remain passively fixed.

Weather screens are often difficult to clean and maintain, making stainless steel a logical material choice for durable screens in more corrosive environments with coastal or deicing salt or pollution.

COMFEN is an exceptional free resource for determining the possible energy savings associated with fenestration design modifications.

For more information, visit the following resource link:

IMOA Second Skin Façade Resource Page

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What is IMOA?
IMOA (International Molybdenum Association) is a non-profit industry association, which provides technical information to assist with successful specification of molybdenum-containing materials. Molybdenum is an element. When it is added to stainless steel, molybdenum increases its resistance to corrosion caused by deicing salts, coastal atmosphere and pollution.

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